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Cubbie Corner

Cubbie Update!

Click Here to read all about it!

    This resource page is designed to assist our Cubbie Directors/Leaders around the entire Awana World! Please feel free to submit your ideas, suggestions, helpful hints for the Cubbie program to Deb del Villar.

    Many of the resources have been saved in the Adobe Acrobat format to preserve the exact appearance of the document. Viewing PDF requires a free Acrobat reader. Other resources have been provided in Microsoft Word format to allow local customization, which of course requires a word processor capable of understanding the MS Word format.

    Ask Cubbie

    (Cubbie Bear keeps us up to date on all of the news and happenings affecting the Cubbie program)
    Awana Forums - Cubbies
    Share and discuss tips, techniques and solutions for Cubbies clubs in the Awana Clubs International web-based discussion forum!

    Celebration Lesson

    (Gigi E. Giraffe provides guides and suggestions specifically for the Hopper and Jumper Lesson Plans)
    Hopper Book
    • Hopper Lesson Super Guide (PDF format) - A comprehensive guide summarizing every Hopper Bear Hug (including optional days) with a suggested coming in time activities, snacks, games, crafts, and other activities to tie the theme into every aspect of the club night. Reproducible craft resources are also available for Hopper Bear Hug #1, Bear Hug #2, Bear Hug #3 and Bear Hug #7.


Leader Resources

(Ern. E. Elephant helps the Cubbie leaders with educational and organizational hints for a successful program)
    A and C Poem (MS Word format)
    Created by Deb Del Villar, this document includes two songs that introduce Cubbies to the "A" and "C" and reinforces what they stand for.

    Share and discuss tips, techniques and solutions for Cubbies clubs in the Awana Clubs International web-based discussion forum!

    Betty Lutkens felt support
    Lori is a Cubbie worker in Northern Virginia and is also a distributor for the Betty Lukens felts used in the Cubbies program. She is willing to answer questions about the felt sets or using them with Cubbies. She can be contacted via e-mail at

    A self evaluation tool and discussion tool for Team building meetings, in PDF format.

    Cubbie Discipline (PDF format)
    To the tune of 'Thumbkin', finger puppets are used to signal when to play, talk quietly and sit quietly.

    Printable templates for making magnets of the Cubbie characters.

    Cubbie Record Card (PDF format)
    Printable weekly progress card to track attendance, progress and personal information.

    Suggested song adaptions for snack time, good-bye time and story time.

    Now available to personalize and make into a booklet for parents. Download document, personalize for your club, then copy back to back, staple in middle, and then fold in half. Recently updated with graphics for easy customization in your local club.

    An evening plan for a "Meet the Pastor" night for Cubbie parents... submitted by a Cubbie leader. A letter to the pastor's wife is also available.

    A booklet describing different ways to integrate a missions focus into your entire Club, includes recommended resources and web sites to assist. Available in PDF format (link above) as well as in a Microsoft Publisher format.

    Includes suggested materials to help in craft, game time, and story time as well as general teaching resources.

Parent Resources

(Luv E. Lamb helps parents by pointing to projects/activities that can be done with preschoolers)
    Adapted from Emile Barnes' Twelve Christmas Teas, this provides a Christmas lesson using cookie cutter. Available as a web page or a PDF file for distribution.

    Several recipes for creating dough or paint from scratch and dyeing pasta.

    Borrowed from the Focus on the Family magazine, it provides 30 different prayers parents can pray specifically for their children.

    For additional information or comments about the Cubbies Corner,
    please contact Deb del Villar.

For more information, please contact:
One East Bode Road
Streamwood, IL
(630) 213-2000
Page last updated: 07/03/2011

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